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At times there may be a need to follow up a concern or clarify school process.  Please check out the concerns and complaints procedure (flowchart) below our policy.  It gives clear guidelines.

D9 Concerns and complaints policy

Outcome statement

All complaints, concerns and incidents are attended to promptly, respectfully and professionally and seek to bring effective resolution to all parties concerned.


In order to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all students, staff and visitors, an accessible procedure for handling complaints and grievances will be implemented and maintained to provide an open and fair way of resolving issues and will comply with all relevant legislation.


The board delegates to the principal full responsibility of ensuring processes are in place and operating effectively and adequately. In the event of a complaint or grievance concerning the principal, responsibility lies with the board.

Expectations and limitations

In complying with the policy, the principal shall not fail to:

•       implement and maintain robust procedures to meet the policy requirements

•       ensure that the process for complaints or grievances is clearly communicated

•       report to the board as follows:.

o       When receiving a complaint, the board must ensure that the complainant has previously followed the school’s concerns and complaints procedure and that the complaint has been escalated to board level correctly.

o       Should the board receive a complaint regarding the principal or determine that any policy violation may have occurred, the board in the first instance will consider whether this may be dealt with in an informal manner (as per the employment agreement provisions that apply to the principal).

o       Where the board considers the degree and seriousness of the concern or any violation sufficient to warrant initiating a disciplinary or competency process, the board shall seek the support and advice in the first instance from an NZSTA adviser to ensure due process is followed.

Procedures/supporting documentation


Staff concerns and complaints procedure


The principal shall maintain a register of complaints and resolutions and report to the board at least quarterly per annum outlining numbers of complaints, resolution success figures and any areas of concern for board deliberation.

Legislative compliance

Manakau School Complaints Procedure Flowchart 

The relevant current Employment Contracts 

STA Handbook 

NZEI Guidelines (where relevant) 

Manakau School Code of Conduct

Reviewed:May 2019

Next review:2022