Manakau School

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If your child will not be at school for any reason, please inform the school office, if possible before 9.00am. Please state the child's name, room and if possible the nature and length of the absence.  The Office number is 06 3626791.

Office staff check on any unexplained absences from school by telephone or txt  to make sure your children are safe. 

Please send a note if your child is absent for more than two days. 

Accidents and Illnesses
Duty teachers and office staff attend to minor matters. You will be contacted if your child becomes ill at school or if an accident requires ongoing attention. In such cases, it is advisable that children are collected and taken home. In an emergency, an ambulance and parents will be called immediately.

Please ensure we are informed of any chronic conditions or allergies and that we have up to date emergency contact numbers.

 If your child requires medicine at school a member of staff must be notified and the appropriate form completed and given to office staff.  Any medicines will be kept in the first aid room or staffroom as appropriate.

Friday's at 9am - All classes gather in Room 2.The children join together for singing, to celebrate successes in the classroom and on the sports fields, and to reinforce our Values (Pride, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence) and Vision (Personal Best Always). Parents/ caregivers are encouraged to join us.
Punctuality matters. Please ensure your children arrive at school in time to start lessons at 8.55am. For your child's safety, children should not be at school before 8.15am or after 3.30pm unless engaged in a supervised activity e.g. sports practice

Bicycles and Scooters
We encourage children to bring their bikes and scooters to school.  Children are able to leave the bikes/scooters at school for the week.  Helmets must be worn for both activities.

Bike Track
The concept for this awesome community asset was developed as part of a Learning Inquiry by teacher, Mel West and her class.  We have a permission slip which must be completed before your child uses the bike track in school time.  

Community Involvement
We encourage involvement from our community.  Do you have any skills, talents, or time you can share with us? See your child's class teacher, Office Deb or Principal Deb
Reading Grandies  - Encouraging connection with our community is a key component of our Reading Grandie Programme where community members are involved in listening to children read daily. 
Community Electives -  Crafts, Technology, Cooking, Science, other specialist subjects  are catered for in our Electives Programme. 
Office - 06 3626791
Deb Feldon- Office Manager
Deb Logan - 

Curriculum - An updated Manakau School Diverse Learners Curriulum is available.  Please contact the Principal. 

Dental Service
We are visited by a mobile Dental Clinic yearly. In an emergency please contact 0800 Talk Teeth (0800825583), or 063508619.


In 2020 we decided to join the 

Education outside the classroom
School trips bring the classroom alive.  Therefore we look for exciting, active and enjoyable opportunities to learn outside the classroom. Permission forms and specific information will be shared before the event.

Fire, Volcano, Earthquake, Lock-down
Regular drills are carried out in line with the schools Health and Safety Policy.
We encourage healthy food choices at school, and recommend the children only drink water. 

Opportunities for the children to grow their own vegetables are part of the enviro garden project.  Members of the community are encouraged to support this venture.
House Activities

Lost Property

In terms 2 and 3 all children learn an instrument to extend their creative learning.

School newsletters are produced fortnightly.  You can receive this in hard copy form or through email.

Physical Education and Sport

Public Health Nurse

Reporting to parents
Anniversary Reporting 

Students in their first three years at school will receive an anniversary report and a mid-anniversary report each year.  These reports go home with the students at the end of the TERM that coincides with their BIRTHDAY at school. Because five year old children start school at different times during the year, their number of weeks at school in a given year varies. Therefore in line with Ministry of Education’s guidelines, a written report is completed for each child based on the following number of weeks that they have been at school:

·        20 weeks (mid year - half way through their first year of schooling)

·        40 weeks (one full year of schooling)

·        60 weeks (mid year - half way through their second year of schooling)

·        80 weeks (two full years of schooling)

·        100 weeks (mid year - half way through their third year of schooling)

·        120 weeks (three full years of schooling)

 This means that a number of students will receive an ANNIVERSARY REPORT at the end of this term. Once children reach their 120 week anniversaries, the reporting period switches to the academic year’s mid-year and end year. 


Year 4-8 Students will receive and interim report at the end of Term 2, and a final report in Term 4.
School Facilities

All school facilities are smoke free.

In terms 1 and 4 (weather dependent), we expect all children to bring their togs ad participate in swimming lessons daily.

Term Dates 2017
Term One              30th January to 13th April 
Term Two             1st May to 6th July
Term Three           24th July to  29th September 
Term Four            16th October to 14th December  


8.55 - 10.30 Classes
10.30 - 11.00 Morning Break
11.00 - 12.30 Classes
12.30- 1.30 Lunch break (Bell rings at 1.20 to allow for pack up of equipment and washing of feet:)
 1.30- 2.55 Classes

All children love to share toys that are special to them, however we prefer these are left at home.  Sharing times can be negotiated  with the classroom teacher.