Manakau School

Off To A Good Start

Before 5
Children settle quickly to school life. It is even easier for them to settle if
they can visit the school beforehand and spend a short time in the
classroom. This can be easily arranged by contacting Annette in the school office. 

On enrolment

Many people pre-enrol the term before their child enters school. However, it is also possible to enrol on the day a child enters school.

Please bring with you

 * proof of date of birth and

 * any record of immunisation.

You will be given an enrolment pack and a stationery list, as well as permission forms.

Transition to school is an important milestone and most children manage this change easily. Parents can help by showing they are proud and pleased with this progression.

If your child becomes nervous, tell them you are leaving soon but will be back after lunch and then leave in a matter of fact way. We will ring you if your child seems distressed or if you request a call. In 99% of cases your child will be settled and having a great time while you are at home or at work, worrying!

If problems persist, we will work out a plan together to help your child become confident and settled at school.

If you find the separation difficult, we suggest you have a support plan
for the first day. Most parents find having other pleasurable things to
do and friends to do them with, helpful at such times. Above all,
celebrate this great achievement and milestone in your child's life. You
have done a great job. 

Most New Entrants tire easily in the first few weeks at school. Change
is always stressful and school life is busy. We understand if your child
needs a short day or a day at home in those first few weeks as they
adjust to school life.

You will be welcome as a parent help when your child has settled. Please talk to your child's teacher about this.

Hints for Parents of 5 year olds

    * Children need a named school bag, lunch box and drink container.
    * The school can supply stationery or you can obtain a list of
      requirements and purchase supplies elsewhere if you prefer
    * Encourage your child to take responsibility for their belongings
    * Read to your children daily
    * Encourage your children to learn their address, phone number, to
      write their name, recognise main colours and count to 10
    * Become familiar about a safe route to school and where to go for help
    * Promote sharing and caring for others
    * Please write your child's name and phone number in their school bag.

For older children enrolling

    * If possible, bring stationery and school reports from the former
    * Encourage discussion of how to cope with change
    * Encourage new friendships

We are a friendly school and work hard to help your child feel happy and confident in their new environment. We will provide a buddy for your child while they get settled and find new friends.