Manakau School

Our learning and fun in pictures!

Historic Pictures of our school

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In searching through information about the historic block I came across some really cool pictures. Enjoy.

Round Up

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You will find in this album a round up of a few things that have been happening at school.

2017 Weetbix TRYathlon

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A record number of students (33) took part in the 2017 Weetbix TRYathlon held in Palmerston North.

Room 1 - Where learning is fun!

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A revamp of the Room 1 learning space which allows for discovery and inquiry.
Check out the first 2 weeks in Room 1.

2016 Country Fair

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Our annual country fair reached spectacular heights this year. $12000 was raised in 3 hours. An amazing organising team headed by our Carrie Yaxley. A fantastic day!

Room 3 - Expedition Wellington

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Room 3 have taken advantage of the FREE bus supplied by the team at 'Experience Wellington'. The Kids to Capital programme allows children to experience some significant places in our capital city. There are a couple of strange pictures in this lot. When we were leaving Capital E, Mrs Newman was approached by members of the No 1 Battalion from Linton Army Camp. They were completing a "Great Race" and had to collect weights. The entire class helped out...except a few of Mums (and Ms. Logan).

Ned's Path

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The transformation of garden space next to the playgroup has been an amazing experience for all involved. Dale Logan (Nanny) and her team of workers have turned an unloved space into a little wonderland. An idea from Ned has made a fantastic impact on our school environment. - Deb

What's the time Mr Wolf

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Mr P. and Mrs West. took their classes out for some afternoon fun.

Survival Training

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Levin Aquatic Centre provided the venue for the extension swimming and survival training module for Year 4-8 students.

Manakau Music Academy

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Lessons in ukulele, guitar, recorder and percussion have started.

Autumn An Awesome Season

Thumbnail: Autumn An Awesome Season
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There is nothing quite like the fun of hanging out with friends...and sharing our wonderful space.

Cycle Safety

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Check out our fantastic bike safety sessions with Constable Fiona Reid

School and Community Picnic

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A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Beach Education Day

Thumbnail: Beach Education Day
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In Term One 2016, our entire school headed to Otaki Beach.