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Posted on 27 March 2020

Day 2

I have just finished a Zoom meeting with all of our staff...and it was so good to see them all.  It has only been days since we were all together but it feels like much longer.  I say it was a meeting, really it was a chance to touch base and actually see each other.  We have been having regular contact through our Whatsapp Well-Being Channel (new for 2020), but actually seeing them is much better.  As we settle into this new normal, a term which I'm sure we will use often over the next few weeks, it was very special to connect again and to be a part of a community that means a great deal to me.  We shared what's on top for all of us...and there is so much.  Like many of you we talked of family members who were essential workings and how we managed when they came home, we talked about our children who were living away from us, and those who were in our bubble, our parents , venturing to the supermarket, what we were doing to stay mentally and physically well, supporting and being supported by neighbours, tangi we were unable to attend, our talents in the kitchen and house renovation!  We also talked about the worry.  Over the past few days the reality of this 'new norm' has certainly hit home and as we head into the 'school holidays' I just wanted to touch base with you all.  The teaching team will be making contact through the seesaw app, and this will be a place where you can share what the children have been up to, if you'd like. The team have also asked me to pass on their email addresses.  All of the teachers emails have the same ending , is mine. Use their first name to get to the correct teacher e.g. michaelad    robp     lorne     rachael    chris

Please know that you are so important to us.  We are thinking about you and your families. A new practice I have recently started is recording 3 reasons I'm grateful.  More challenging than you think after a few days.  Have a go, and get the children to do it to.  I'm grateful for family, a safe place to stay, and technology that keeps me connected with my Mum and Dad.  Stay safe Deb x


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