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End of Term - From Deb's Desk

Posted on 28 September 2018

As the term draws to an end I have reflected on what is important to me.

As Term 3 draws to a close we start thinking about 2019.  Yes, I said it.  My thoughts lately however have focused closer to home… around the diversity of our students, families and wider community, and the part we, as a school, play in supporting with the many ups and downs of being a human, a learner with all foibles that brings.

One of the principles of the New Zealand Curriculum is HIGH EXPECTATIONS.  

"The curriculum supports and empowers all students to learn and achieve personal excellence, regardless of their individual circumstances." The New Zealand Curriculum, p. 9.

 We could say that this expectation is reflected in the Manakau Curriculum Document as our value of Excellence, or our vision statement PERSONAL BEST ALWAYS.

“It should be the aim of all teachers to ensure that every inkling of talent that students possess is nurtured. For me, this begins and ends with having high expectations for all students, decreasing the inequities associated with low expectations, and showing all students that we care. The positive teacher attitudes and equitable teaching strategies of high expectation teachers lead, not only to student academic success, but also to high levels of motivation, engagement, self-efficacy, and incremental notions of intelligence."

Professor Rubie-Davies, Becoming a High Expectation Teacher, 2014, p. 230.

 As we know, academic “excellence” is not the be all and end all…our Manakau Curriculum Document has a central pou of Hauora – Wellbeing and this is an area we are continually mindful of. As we head into this two week break, please take the time to celebrate the diverse little people you share with us.  Take the time to listen to them. Take the time to find out what’s happening for them.   Turn the wifi off for a day. Pack a picnic and sit under a tree. Snuggle and read to them.  Enjoy them!

See you all soon,

Nga mihi, Deb Logan 


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