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Posted on 14 September 2017

Nga mihi ki a koutou

Putting your green hat on – New Ideas, New Solutions!

Over the weekend our staffroom space has been transformed.  Duane Fox, John McElwee, David and Rachael Newman,  Patti MacIntyre and I have added something very special to our school and we have certainly had our thinking hats on. Due to the increase in our roll numbers we have been able to employ another full time teacher, and Mrs Patti MacIntyre has secured the position until the end of the year. 

Currently many schools throughout NZ are experiencing overcrowding. A recent article stated;

"Hundreds of schools are over capacity or at risk of becoming overcrowded as thousands of extra children turn up to school each year. The Ministry of Education report reveals 214 schools around the country were considered over capacity, while 488 were at risk of becoming overcrowded.  Capacity was defined as 100 per cent use of a school's buildings. Any school operating above 85 per cent capacity was at risk of becoming overcrowded.” Stuff - May 2017.  We are certainly experiencing this at the moment.

Schools all through NZ are trying to think creatively to best provide for their students, teachers, and community.  For us, this problem is not going to go away, particularly with the projected growth of our area due to the expressway and other anticipated roading developments.  Managing the resources we have and thinking creatively will ensure we continue to build a strong learning community that is capable of preparing our students for the future.

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