Manakau School

Alana's Leaf World

Posted on 11 May 2016

Check out the amazing fun created by Alana and friends....Got to love Autumn :)

A daisychaney production 2016


Comment by Caitlyn on 12 May 2016 4:18 PM:

wow Alana great job on making the leaf world it looks so much fun well done

Comment by Lily yaxley on 12 May 2016 4:55 PM:

That is awesome thanks alana

Comment by Carla Wardle on 12 May 2016 7:55 PM:

What an awesome school our kids attend! Good on you Ms Logan for having a slide! :)

Comment by Brooke. on 20 May 2016 7:05 AM:

That was soooooooooo! fun to play on.
And I love the vido thanks molly for making it.

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